Employers Features

  1. Job posting

    We have job posting packages to meet your every need and fit your budget. View current products HERE  or contact us for additional options.

  1. Bulk Job Posting Import

    Gives you the capability to bulk upload job postings from an Excel/csv file.

  1. Copy/clone jobs

Multiple job postings are made easy using the Clone Job function.

  1. Video uploads

Enhance your job postings by attaching video files to your job ads.  Video will be converted to the .flv format and displayed with a flash player.

  1. Video in Employer Profile

Promote your organization by adding a video to your Employer Profile which will be displayed on the Company Info page.

  1. Company Profile

A special page that includes info about your organization and all of your job postings

  1. Delete Profile

Gives you the ability to delete your company profile and all of your job postings.

  1. My Jobs

Allows you to edit, delete, deactivate or upgrade to featured posted jobs.

  1. Employer Sub-Accounts

Gives you the flexibility to create sub-accounts and set permissions for them.

  1. Multi currency system

Currency list is displayed to job seeker for Desired Salary field.  The system will automatically convert salary value to the default currency.

  1. Screening Questionnaires

Provides you with the ability to formulate questionnaires with passing score and add them to job postings.  Job seekers will be required to complete the questionnaire when applying for position.

  1. Application Settings for job postings

You have two options to choose from:  “Send applications online via web site” or “Redirect to this URL”

  1. Application Tracking

View, Delete, Accept or Reject applications from job seekers.  All applications are kept in the system.

  1. Notes for applications

Add personal notes for applications received.

  1. Separate Email for Applications

The Application Setting field provides you with an option to specify an additional email address to receive applications from job seekers

  1. Email confirmation

On the registration page you have the ability to choose if you wish to receive email confirmations.

  1. Save resumes

Allows you to save resumes for later review.

  1. Notes for saved resumes

You can add your personal notes for saved resumes for later review.

  1. Save resume search

Speed up your resume searching by saving search permanents.

  1. Resume alerts

Separate section for creating and managing resume alerts.  System will send new resume alerts based on the selected search criteria to user email.

  1. Email frequency for resume alerts

You have the ability to select how often you would like to receive resume alert emails:  daily, weekly or monthly.

  1. Flag listings

You may flag inappropriate resumes specifying one of the given flag reasons.

  1. Brief Postings Statistics on Homepage

The number of currently active jobs and resumes is displayed on the front-end Homepage.

  1. Password Recovery by Email

If you forget your password, it can be recovered using the email address you entered when you registered.

Feature Enhancements

Increase your visibility and enhance your job posting experience at HBCUcareers.com by taking advantage of the following ad-ons.  Our Feature Enhancements are an economical way to showcase your organization.   Contact us for additional details.

  1. Priority postings

Maximize exposure for your postings and upgrade them to Priority Status.  Instead of getting bumped down by newer postings, priority jobs stay at or near the top of the list for up to 30 days, plus they're highlighted "priority" to attract even more attention.  On average, priority jobs are viewed 118% more than regular postings.  Priority job upgrades cost $55.00 each; however, receive a discount of 10% when you purchase a pack of 3 or more.  Priority postings can be used anytime within a 12 month span.

  1. Featured Company

Get the most out of your job posting experience by becoming a Featured Company.  As a Featured Company, your company logo is placed on the home page so candidates can quickly and easily locate you!  Increase your visibility and show your commitment to diversity hiring by becoming a Featured Company.  The cost to become a Featured Company is $59.00 for a 30-day period.

  1. Featured Jobs

Receive optimal visibility by showcasing your job posting(s) in the Featured Jobs section of the Home Page.  Featured Jobs are an inexpensive way to boost your online presence starting at only $29.00 for a 30-day period.

  1. Banner logos

Make an impact and promote your organization by placing a Banner Ad/Logo.  Banner Ads/Logos are an affordable way to increase your visibility online starting at $199.00 for a 30-day period.