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  1. Job search and browsing

    Search jobs by different parameters, such as location and keywords.  Browse jobs by industry category, state, etc.

  1. Keyword search settings

    You may set different settings when you make a keyword search.  For example, it’s possible to search job titles only, or to include Boolean operators to the search query.

  1. Search by company 

    You may locate employers in alpha order by company name or location.

  1. Resume posting

    Build your resume online by filling out a simple web form or upload a resume that you have already created.  Add photos, upload videos and attached files.

  1. My resumes

    Edit, delete or deactivate resumes you have previously posted.

  1. Video resume uploads

    Attach video files to your resume.  Video will be converted to the .flv format and displayed with a flash player.

  1. Anonymous resume

    You have the ability to flag your resume as anonymous to hide your contact info.  If you select this option the only way for employers to communicate with you is thru the online contact form.

  1. Complex fields

    You have the capability of adding a block of fields or single field as needed in the “Post Resume Form” (e.g. Work Experience, Education, etc.)

  1. Job alerts /frequency of job alerts

    Separate section for creating and managing job alerts.  System will send you new job alerts based on the search criteria you have selected.  In addition, you have the ability to set the frequency of when you would like to receive job alert emails (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly).

  1. Save job searches

    Speed up your job searching by saving search criteria.

  1. Save jobs and notes for saved jobs

    Save jobs you are interested in for later review along with personal notes you may wish to include.

  1. Online application

    You have the ability to apply for a job online using a simple web form.  You have the option of attaching a cover letter and resume and filling in a Screening Questionnaire (if provided by employer).

  1. Applications history

    View or delete applications that you have sent.  All applications are kept in the system.

  1. Email confirmation

    On the registration page you have the ability to choose if you wish to receive e-mail confirmations.

  1. Email confirmationDelete profile

    You have the ability to delete your profile and your resume from the site.

  1. Job comments

    You may add comments to job posts, which are displayed on the job details page.

  1. Job rating

    You may rate jobs.  Average rating will be displayed on the job details page.

  1. Tell a friend

    Email job info to your friends.

  1. Print job info

    Printer friendly job details page

  1. Password recovery by e-mail

    Forget your password?  It can be recovered using the email you entered when you registered.

  1. RSS feed for saved job searches

    You can have RSS feed for each job search you have saved.